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Our Results Speak For Themselves

Average SAT Increase.

Average SAT Percentile in Nation

Percent of GED Tutelage Students Passing the GED.

Average percent increase in ACT scores.

We Cover All Subjects


K-12 Subjects

K-12 Subjects

Tutoring for K-12 students in specific subjects and courses such as math, science, reading, writing and social studies. Average improvement of 2 full letter grades. 



Test prep tutoring for students preparing for the SAT or ACT exams. Students who completed assigned homework scored within the top 8% of the nation.

AP Exams

AP Exams

Test prep tutoring for high school students preparing to take AP exams. Average score of 4.3.

College Admission Essays

College Admission Essays

Understand the psychology of the admissions committee to appeal to their goals. Improve writing college admissions essays with focus on organization, content, and tone.



Get your GED. 100% pass rate for all our students 



Test prep tutoring for undergraduate students or college graduates preparing to take the GRE or GMAT exams for business or other graduate schools.



Tutoring and test prep for undergraduate students or college graduates preparing to take MCAT exams for medical school.



Tutoring and test prep for undergraduate students or college graduates to take LSAT exams for law school. 

Our Team – Both Passionate & Successful


Our Method


Ever wonder how world class athletes and professionals train? Two words. Deliberate practice. We use a systematic 6 step process to help guide develop students abilities in many areas. See our article on deliberate practice featured in the blog, How to Learn.


State the Problem


Analyze the Problem


State Possible Solutions


Choose the Best Solution


Implement the Best Solution


Monitor Progress

Learn Smarter with a Holistic Approach

Student Centric Approach

Studies show that students in a student centric environment outperform teacher-centric environments by a large degree.

A Positive

Our mentors are handpicked, positive, young, self-motivated leaders.

Build Personal

We focus on personal habits that are the most important factors in student success.

What Students Say

  • The teachers at Tutelage provide me the most beneficial solutions to the subjects that I struggle with periodically. They make studying for the SAT and other subjects simple and entertaining. It is nice to learn something new every week in a comfortable environment.
    Josh Min480 point increase in SAT
  • The teachers at Tutelage know what they are doing. They focus on the areas you need help with and overall come up with a solution that fits you. The variety of material offered by Tutelage allowed me to improve my scores within the first two classes of enrollment.
    Amir Azmi380 Point Increase on SAT
  • The test strategies that the Tutelage teachers have taught me have not only improved my overall test score but also the way I have studied independently. These teachers use individual statistics to help strengthen my weak points through tips and daily practice.
    Tiffany Tsou380 point increase in SAT
  • "Tutelage really helped me bring great results with my score in a quick period time. Tutelage VIP!"
    TK YeoSAT increase of 710 pts

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“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal”

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